Food Drive

Description: – My Third Task in A-State is to collect food for the helping neighbor food pantry. In this task, my team leader was Himanshu Gautam. For this task, we have some good plans because this is not just a task, it’s about feeding someone who may be hungry for two days or maybe three days. So we want to give our 100% in this project. We made the donation box for collecting money and place it nearby shops like Church’s  Chicken,         Mc Donalds, Dominos, Citgo etc. As all my teammates go to their internship, I asked them to collect money or food from their workplace also. I posted on Facebook about the food donation so that my friends from A-State can know about the food drive. I received money and food from my Facebook friends. I also asked my boss for food donation and he gave me the donation of $25. In the end of this task, we collected about $66 dollars money and food that cost around $180-$200.

Reflection: – It was so good to see myself working for such a good cause and helping the needy people.




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