Activities for ESL Students

In the second task of my leadership class, we created activities for the ESL Students which can help them in learning English. In this task, we have to attract as many kids as we can to participate in our created activities. Our team decides to make Bingo puzzle, Crosswords, Grammar error finding activities. So they can learn something valuable in English which can help them in future. My team leader Joon created the activities and Mr. Jeff helped us in printing those activities. On the day of competition, our opposite team created the Bingo and we created the crosswords and other activities as we planned. I and Joon were standing in front of the building entrance so that we can interact with more students as we can. My other two teammates were standing in the lobby so that they can hand over the activities to the students. In the end of this task, we had collected 16 signatures of students who had participated in the task.


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