Internship at Jetton General Contracting

I’m attending Leadership classes at A-State. Every week there is only two leadership classes that are on Monday and Friday. The rest of the days I go to my internship at JETTON GENERAL CONTRACTING. Jetton is general contractor company which bids on the projects like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kohl etc and remodels them. My two friends are also with me at Jetton.In Jetton, they gave us different task according to our area of interest. They gave me the task to learn and update their system of Fleetmatics Reveal. It’s a software that allows the user to track its vehicle which are at different locations. The user of Fleetmatics get to know everything about its vehicle like Gas wastage, Idling time of driver, Stop Duration, Towing etc. At Jetton, they use this software to decreases their wastage of money. I have the task to learn and update their Fleetmatics Reveal system. My Boss Mr.Andrew gave me the login username and password of the software and also they signed me up for the live training of Fleetmatics Reveal. It took me three days to fully understand the Fleetmatics. I asked the Ms. Rocio to gave me their Drivers and Truck list. Rocio is a receptionist at Jetton. I updated their system and also I set alerts in the system like Towing, Harsh Driving, Idling etc. that if something irregular happens in the truck, the system will send alert to Mr.Andrew.




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