Big Hero 6 Leadership

Ques: – Name 3 people who took leadership roles and explain what they did and accomplished in these roles. Who became the main leader?

Tadashi: – Tadashi is the big brother of Hero. He has the leadership quality to see good in people. He sees in his brother that Hero has an amazing talent to do something great and he doesn’t want him to spoil his talent in making fighting bots. So he motivated his brother to use his talent for the greater good. Then Hero built the Nanobots which can change future. Tadashi is also a genius who invents the Bay MAX which can heal people according to the damage they are suffering from. Tadashi is kind of leader who always supports his teammates.

Hero: – Hero is the little brother of Tadashi. After the death of Tadashi in a fire accident, Hero is the one who leads the Tadashi team. Hero wants to take revenge from the Professor Callaghan because Hero got to know that Callaghan is the one who stole its invention and he is the reason that his Brother Tadashi Died. So he got mad during the fight with Callaghan between Bay Max and Hero gave ordered to Bay Max to destroy Callaghan. But later he realized that revenge can’t bring his brother back from the dead.

Alistair Krei: – Krei is the owner of the tech company which makes future technology.  Krei had made portals as a way to pioneer transportation. Things had gone wrong when he was demonstrating the project to the government. A young woman named Abigail had volunteered to be shot through the portals as a test subject. A scientist seated at a monitor warned Krei that the portals were destabilizing, but Krei ordered him to continue to demonstration anyway. Krei is not a good leader because he left her teammates to die.A good leader never does that. A good leader always protects his teammates as Tadashi did.

The hero becomes the main leader in the end. He saved his enemy daughter. He even saved his enemy from getting sucked into the portal. He leads the team in a very difficult situation and made the plan to stop microbot from killing the Alistair Krei.



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