The movie takes place in the future, following the previous story lines. Logan is now older and is caring for an elderly Professor Charles Xavier. Professor X is now suffering from a mental degenerative disease, which is always sad, but with him being such a strong telepath, it’s dangerous. They’re both very much retired, although perhaps not by choice.

backgrounds_logan_outerIt is also revealed that Logan is dying because the adamantium that coats his bones and claws, is now poisoning him. As he’s older his healing abilities are no longer as strong or as quick to work, so he isn’t able to protect against the effects. Plus, he is feeling suicidal, only working and trying to stay alive to look after Professor X.

In this movie, we can see that after so many years, Logan still follow Professor Charles Xavier. He always do what Professor X asked him to do. He still respect logan as a leader.

As the story goes, we can see that Professor X was killed by Logan clone , which makes logan all alone. He tried to run from his duties because he don’t want to be leader. Later, when her daughter want him to go with her at the place where her friends where hiding. When Lauren and her daughter was attacked by the private organization, he tried to save her and died by saving her.


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