Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven based on the original 1960 Western classic was based on Kurosawa’s masterpiece “Seven Samurai”. In this movie, Daniel Washington led a hired band of misfits to protect a small Mexican village from a gang of violent bandits. He plays role of Sam Chisolm who is approached by a young woman from Rose Creek (Haley Bennett) seeking help.


Sam agrees but first he’ll need a team of gunfighters to train the townsfolk and lead the defense against Bogue and his gang. His merry band of wild west outcasts includes a boozing gambler (Chris Pratt), sharpshooter (Ethan Hawke), a assassin (Byung-hun Lee), a wanted Mexican bandit (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a big burly tracker (Vincent D’Onofrio), and a Comanche warrior (Martin Sensmeier).

In this movie, we can see lot of teamwork and belief of teammates upon each other. When Ethan Hawke leaves the team because he was not able to shoot the bandits. But Sam (Daniel Washington) knows, he will come back, he know him from the past. For a second, I thought he was a coward but he came back to save his friends during the last battle against bandits. Then died by trying save Chris Pratt from the bandits who were chasing him.

Sam Chisolm is the leader of the team, he gave orders and his teammates were ready to die to save the village. To save a village from the bandits, Sam Chisolm made a plan like all other leaders do. He was a great Cowboy who had years of fighting experience and he also fight war while he was in military besides Ethan Hawke. He trained all the villagers who were ready to fight against the bandits. He set boogie traps to kill the bandits. He hide children and women in the basement of house. Then during last fight, when the house was on fire, he made a decision to move the children and women out of house to somewhere safe place.

I think it was a great movie, which shows the value of life , friendship, belief and leadership. Its also teach you that anything in this world is possible, seven man can defeat the large number of bandits when they fight with team efforts.



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