Question to Help you know Better

  1. What are my strengths ?

Ans :- Friends , Family and not giving Attitude

2. What are my Short-term goals and long-term goals?

Ans:- Short Term Goals – To pursue my Master in Mechanical Engineering

Long Term Goals:- To open a Indian Restaurant in America.

3. Who matter most to me ?

Ans:- Family

4. What am i ashamed of ?

Ans:- My lack of Confidence.

5. What i like to do for fun ?

Ans:– I like to play PS 4 , hangout with my friend from Wolf life .

6. What new activities am i interested in or willing to try?

Ans:- I would like to try calisthenics and also i want to learn reading Blueprints.

7. What am i worried about ?

Ans:-  Mostly i’m worried about my mother.

8. What are my values? What do i believe in ?

Ans:-  I want to be honest with my friends and family as much as i can and i don’t want to be rude, judgemental or an angry person. There’s no reason for fighting with other for small mistakes and i don’t like to tell my friends every time that they are wrong because my friends are mature , making mistakes is a part of life. If you keep telling someone every time then he/she will never learn.

9. If i have one wish then it would be _no person in this world go to sleep feeling hungry.

10. Where do i feel safest ?

Ans:- Home.

11. What or who gives me comfort ?


12. If i wasn’t afraid, i would be a good leader

13. What is my proudest accomplishment?

Ans:- Helping poor people by collecting food donation.

14. What is my biggest failure ?

Ans:- When i was in my 10th grade , i don’t understand the value of study. That why i got very bad marks in 10th grade which makes my mom sad.

15. Am i a night owl or an early bird ?

Ans:- I like to wake up early in the morning especially when everyone is sleeping because there so much peace that time.

16. What do I like about my job? What do i dislike ?


17. What does my inner critic tell me ?

Ans:-   There’s no reason to give up .


18 Am i an introvert or an extrovert ?

Ans:-  I’m an extrovert , i like to spend time with new people whenever i can.

19. What am i passionate about ?

Ans:- Cooking

20. What is my happiest memory?

Ans:- When i got 8.4 CGP in the 6 semester of my degree . Because it makes my parents feel proud.

21. What do my dreams tell me ?

Ans:-  To become stronger.

22. What is my favorite book? Movie? Band? Food? Color? Animal?

Ans:-  BOOK :- “THIS GIRL” by Coolen Hoover

MOVIE:- Hacksaw Ridge

Band:- Imagine Dragons

Food:- Karahi Paneer

Animal:- Husky Dog

23. What am i grateful for?

Ans:- To born in a sikh family.

24. When i’m feeling down i like to cook and eat.

25. I know i’m stressed when i’m alone


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